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Married Business Partners. Does it Work?


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Can you be married and run a business together? Sound challenging, right? Wellit is. I write this today as I celebrate 21 years of marriage to my business partner of 13 years, Dave. I will not try to snow you and say it’s been easy. It hasn’t. Every day is a challenge. The question I get asked most often? “How is it working with your spouse?” Outside of something sarcastic, I never really have a good answer to this question. So it got me thinking as Dave and I enter into our third decade of marriage. A few quick lessons learned:

4 Reasons to Become a Talent Retriever "Flex" Recruiter




Being a recruiter isn’t easy work. No secret there.  To be a great one, you need to bring your A Game every single moment. We recognize that – and since the origin of Talent Retriever, we realized the potential of so many amazing recruiters who thrive in an environment providing work-life balance.  But there’s a lot more to a fulfilling work-life balance than just a schedule.

The Housing Families Team is Seeking New Members!



















Join one of the largest and most capable providers of shelter and affordable rental housing in Massachusetts. Housing Families has helped more than 2,400 families make the transition out of homelessness to successfully retain permanent housing. They offer individualized supportive services to enrich children’s lives, nurture the potential of each family member, and help families maintain permanent housing.  

Did you hear? Talent Retriever made the Inc. 5000 for 2016! Curious how we did it?

Ditch the Job Description & Be a Marketer - Create Postings to Attract Superstar Candidates



Unfortunately, postings on job boards feel like a dying resource. Yet, they still possess power and can yield fantastic results. So it’s key to get them right if you are going to use them. When a candidate reads a job posting or an ad, it is the first point in which their interest either builds or breaks. So a job posting is easy – just cut and paste the job description, right?  Wrong!

Talent Retriever Puppy Love - Supporting a Great Cause at Boston TechJam 2016



Woof! If you came down with a case of “Puppy Love” with Talent Retriever’s Pet My Puppy booth at Boston TechJam, you’ll be happy to learn that the rescue group we partnered with, Sweet Paws Rescue of Essex, MA, raised over $800 (100% of that goes directly back into the costs of saving more dogs’ lives), gained 300+ Facebook followers and had several TechJam attendees personally reach out to Sweet Paws to volunteer! Sweet Paws Rescue only exists by donations; every dollar counts to help their rescue pooches! And to give you an idea of where donations go- take a look at this amazing video of Sweet Paws SuperStar Elinor last week taking her first steps!

20 Reasons you MUST Come to Boston TechJam 2016



If you have yet to experience Boston Tech Jam – it’s time to change that. The annual block party celebrating everything innovation at City Hall Plaza is coming to town Thursday, June 16th. The event has something for everyone, and we mean everyone… Whether you’re part of a startup, an established tech company, a student, an investor, or anyone in between - Tech Jam is the place to be! The “festival” feel that Tech Jam offers is a one of a kind experience that you can only find there. So if you are still on the fence for your attendance here are 20 reasons why you MUST be there:

If Rappers Were Recruiters...What Would Be on Their Greatest Hits Albums?

How to Cold Call the Right Way in Recruiting


Cold calling – it’s an art form, it’s a science, it’s the livelihood of recruiting. In any profession that deals with engaging prospects, cold-calling is a key form of outreach. Yet, there is an underlying hesitation about making cold-calls.

What's the Worst Answer You Have Ever Given During an Interview? (Infographic)


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