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Top 5 Free Tools to Find a Candidate's Email Address


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 It may feel like an impossible mission at times to track down a candidate’s email address when you are trying to reach out to them for the first time. There’s guessing and mixing and matching and bounce backs. It can be frustrating.


Isn’t it the worst when someone has 2 last names on their profile? Or when there’s a hyphen in there? Forget it. But to make things easier here are 5 free tools that you can start using today to find a candidate’s email address and help your Cruise through your pipelining.


It’s important to note that all these tools can and should be utilized together when you are doing your pipelining or research. There isn’t one single site or extension that is the end all be all that you can hang your hat on.  Sometimes for one candidate you may end up using 3 or 4 tools to find the address or to confirm that its valid.  

  1. Contactout

This is a chrome extension that you can download and it will live your toolbar. Once you have it installed, visit the candidates’ LinkedIn profile and click the extension. It will automatically come up with the first email address it recognizes, which may be their personal Gmail address. If it’s not what you are looking for you can type in another the domain and it will look for another option.  Contactout out offers 50 free lookups per day for one month for your account before you need to move on to a subscription service. But there are no limits to the number of accounts you can have.

  1. Mailtester

This is one of the best tools to confirm that an email address is valid after you have found it using one of the other tools. Paste the email address you found into the search bar in and it will come back as green for valid, red for invalid, or yellow meaning the domain is valid, but it cannot confirm that the address part is.

It’s also good to use when the other tools are just coming up short and you want to play around with different permutations yourself. For example you will type out firstname.lastname@domain or (firstinital)(lastname)@domain. Or firstname@domain.  


Formerly known as the chrome extension Email Hunter, is still a great tool to find the email structure that a company uses by referring to examples of confirmed emails it has found. Visit and type in the company name and it will show you a number of emails it has on record and will tell you how they structure it. Once you see how it is structured you can go back to Mailtester and type it out. will allow you 100 searches per month before it resets.

  1. Prophet

Prophet is another chrome extension that you can download below. Once it is installed click the extension and go Manage prophet and navigate to “Research” from there you enter in the full name, the email domain, and the name of the company and it will give you the address and tell you how confident it is that it is correct. Meaning it could come back with 50% confidence and that email address could be a flip of a coin if its correct. You will receive 15 free credits per day using prophet.


  1. Boolean Assistant

Last but not least - Boolean Assistant. Not only does Boolean Assistant come back with very accurate email addresses that can be found by clicking the extension when on a candidate’s LinkedIn page.  it also has this awesome feature to help with sourcing the right candidates. By entering in the job title, it will put together a Boolean search string for you to use. For example, if I am looking for Dev Ops engineer it will come back with specific skills that I will want to look for like this:


(("sql" OR "mysql") AND "linux") OR ("apache" AND "java") OR ("cloud computing")

All of which formatted in the correct way with parenthesis being placed in the way that allows for certain terms to take priority. This is an awesome free tool every recruiter should be using.  




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