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The Best Reference Check Questions to Ask

The goal of reference checks isn't to check boxes - it's  to help better understand a candidate’s abilities in order to make an evaluation if they will be successful. To get true insight – ask questions that require honesty and thoughtfulness. Here are 6 insightful questions to ask past employers.

1.) Getting up to speed

"What advice would you give to the hiring manager to help get the candidate up to speed quickly?"


2.) Onboarding

"When you were onboarding the candidate, what were some areas that they struggled with?"


3.) Development

"What were some areas of development you were working on during performance reviews?"


4.) Describe the role to the reference...

"Why would the candidate succeed in this role?"


5.) Candidate challenges

"What challenges could you anticipate the candidate having?"


6.) Thinking ahead

"If you were to hear in six months that the candidate had left, what do you believe the reason would be?"


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