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4 Reasons to Become a Talent Retriever "Flex" Recruiter




Being a recruiter isn’t easy work. No secret there.  To be a great one, you need to bring your A Game every single moment. We recognize that – and since the origin of Talent Retriever, we realized the potential of so many amazing recruiters who thrive in an environment providing work-life balance.  But there’s a lot more to a fulfilling work-life balance than just a schedule.

The Housing Families Team is Seeking New Members!



















Join one of the largest and most capable providers of shelter and affordable rental housing in Massachusetts. Housing Families has helped more than 2,400 families make the transition out of homelessness to successfully retain permanent housing. They offer individualized supportive services to enrich children’s lives, nurture the potential of each family member, and help families maintain permanent housing.  

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How to Recruit Summer Interns


It’s that time of year once again. Drumroll please…. It’s time to start thinking about hiring summer interns. As students begin to think or (stress) over their upcoming finals and rejoice over the incoming warm weather, you need to be determining how to attract these young budding professionals and bring them in to your company.

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