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3 Ways to Make Hiring Managers Thankful for You


3 ways to make hiring maanger thankful thumb 

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How to Qualify Tech Talent



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How to Keep the Candidate Excited During Onboarding



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How to Nail Down a Candidate to Sign the Offer Letter


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3 Ways to Write More Effective Messages to Candidates

Married Business Partners. Does it Work?


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Can you be married and run a business together? Sound challenging, right? Wellit is. I write this today as I celebrate 21 years of marriage to my business partner of 13 years, Dave. I will not try to snow you and say it’s been easy. It hasn’t. Every day is a challenge. The question I get asked most often? “How is it working with your spouse?” Outside of something sarcastic, I never really have a good answer to this question. So it got me thinking as Dave and I enter into our third decade of marriage. A few quick lessons learned:

4 Reasons to Become a Talent Retriever "Flex" Recruiter




Being a recruiter isn’t easy work. No secret there.  To be a great one, you need to bring your A Game every single moment. We recognize that – and since the origin of Talent Retriever, we realized the potential of so many amazing recruiters who thrive in an environment providing work-life balance.  But there’s a lot more to a fulfilling work-life balance than just a schedule.

The Housing Families Team is Seeking New Members!



















Join one of the largest and most capable providers of shelter and affordable rental housing in Massachusetts. Housing Families has helped more than 2,400 families make the transition out of homelessness to successfully retain permanent housing. They offer individualized supportive services to enrich children’s lives, nurture the potential of each family member, and help families maintain permanent housing.  

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